Honey & Smoke was first founded by Reva Santo in 2012 as a travel blog and photo diary. Honey representing sweetness, healing, love. Smoke representing clearing, honoring the past, making space for newness. These basic values allowed for Honey & Smoke to expand into a radical resource and community for artists across the globe.


  • Honey & Smoke stems from an awareness of globalized inequalities.

  • Honey & Smoke serves as an archive for our communities as a form of radical memory.

  • Honey & Smoke connects artists through digital and physical spaces across the globe. Together we build community, always thinking first of our ancestors and of community healing.


Honey & Smoke gathers and connects artists who are linked by a belief in the sweetening and clearing powers of art. Artists who believe in the ethics of transnational borderless space. Artists who know that we are an extension of our ancestors work and struggles. Art for the good of our communities. Art that feeds the soul not the ego. Our goal is to foster community and resources for artists to continue creating and to engage with the important and expansive themes of our time in both physical and digital spaces.

Honey & Smoke connects artists and collects stories of home, love, exploration, and limitation in order to create links across constructed physical boundaries.


Current Inquiries:

-If you are interested in hosting a creative event or exhibition through Honey & Smoke , please reach out via the contact form at the bottom of the page.

-If you would like to get involved as a blogger for Honey & Smoke (International) please reach out via the contact form at the bottom of the page.

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