Letter from the Founder

Dear Community,

Honey & Smoke has been my baby for 7 years now and as all things do it has reached a moment of transformation. It is my goal this year to expand the reach and scope of Honey & Smoke. In my travels and time living in both Los Angeles and New York I have recognized a deep need for global community spaces for artists. As a nomadic artist I have experienced my own craving for a transnational creative community. I want to establish a space for artists to feel connected to one another across the globe (You can read more about Honey & Smoke’s new mission here if you haven’t already).

You’re likely wondering: why sweet, nomadic, and ancestral?

These 3 words are the most concise way I know how to capture the essence of Honey & Smoke and what I hope it will grow to be.

  1. Sweet: I see that the arts have the potential to sweeten the world, and it is my aim for Honey & Smoke to foster this kind of sweetness. In addition to this, as artists many of us are overworked, broke, burnt out, and jaded. I want to bring some sweetness to our relationships with money, so I thought it would be an appropriate place to host merchandise and sales items. If you are a Honey & Smoke affiliated artist your work and merchandise has the opportunity to be featured here alongside our own.

  2. Nomadic: As a child of immigrants I am by nature nomadic and consider it an important value. I believe that it is essential to connect to folks of different backgrounds and learn how to respect one another’s experiences because of our differences, rather than in spite of them. This tab will be the site of our global blog, where artist can read up on creative happenings across the world. This way we can foster community, even when we may not have the physical privilege of moving through space. (If you are interested in writing for us from your home, please contact us through the form at the bottom of the page. I’d love to have people writing all over, and in a variety of languages)

  3. Ancestral: I recognize that everything I do is always an extension of the efforts, struggles and sacrifices of those who came before me. A Luta Continua , the fight continues. I want to always honor the work and people that have created space for each of us to exist. It motivates me knowing that just as those who came before me fought for me to be who I am now, I can do the same for future generations. This tab will be a site archive of past events, works, and featured artists.

Honey & Smoke public pop-up events will connect with artist collectives and communities across the globe that are already established and working. The idea is not to be separate or competitive, but to connect and expand upon what already exists. Our events will be interdisciplinary, immersive meditations on the issues that we already confront and face in our communities on a daily basis. Honey & Smoke will act as an intentional platform to amplify and support your voices.

This shift is something I have envisioned for a long time, and I am both incredibly nervous and excited to move forward. What pushes me past my own fear is my deep belief in the values and vision of Honey & Smoke. I hope that what we stand for is clear to you, and if you feel called to be involved we are more than ready to have you on board.

If you would like to donate you can do so below. If you are looking to get involved as a curator, blogger, or artist please reach out by hitting the contact button at the bottom of the page.

I am so grateful for your continued support over the years and am looking forward to Honey & Smoke’s next phase of life.

Love to you all,

Reva Santo

Multi-Media Artist | Storyteller

Founder, Honey & Smoke


Reva do Espirito Santo