Honey & Smoke Launch - 11/1/19
Reparations Club—Los Angeles, CA


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Deadline November 1st, 2019


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letter to our community

Dear Community,

Honey & Smoke has been my baby for 7 years now and as all things do it has reached a moment of transformation. It is my goal this year to expand the reach and scope of Honey & Smoke. In my travels and time living in both Los Angeles and New York I have recognized a deep need for global community spaces for artists. As a nomadic artist I have experienced my own craving for a transnational creative community. I want to establish a space for artists to feel connected to one another across the globe (You can read more about Honey & Smoke’s new mission here if you haven’t already).


our founder in brasil

6:30 am and the city buzzes with energy
. Kids hustle off to school, workers run to catch the bus. Mothers walk, balancing babies on their hips, dragging another along by hand. Tiny feet bounce along the concrete. A bus turns down a small sun kissed street. A man pushes a cart past a plant shop. Another walks his daughter to school. A third buys coffee off the side of the road. A siren goes off--a cop car appears from behind and clears through the traffic. It’s the first time I’ve been in Salvador with my Dad since I was 13, and 5 1/2 years since my last visit.


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Stay tuned for our next feature as we prepare for our launch season!


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